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Bronco Stadium braces for OBNUG invasion

For the first time this season, OBNUG will be representing at a Boise State game. We apologize in advance for not participating in the wave.

We scored some free tickets to Saturday's showdown against Utah State, so if you're at the game, feel free to come say hi to us. We'll be wearing a white Ian Johnson t-shirt and copious amounts of face paint. It will be kind of like the scene in You've Got Mail when Tom Hanks sees Meg Ryan for the first time, except hopefully you don't blow us off.

Our tickets are in the general admission North End Zone seats, but that's nothing a scalper can't fix. We hope.

And don't think that our attending the game will leave those who can't make it out of the loop. Far from it. We're still going to have the traditional open comment thread during gametime, and we're going to do our best to document our day at Bronco Stadium in real-time for our Internet readers and followers. Does that mean instant updates via mobile phone? You bet it does!

Check back often for pictures of outlandish Bronco fans, witty observations of Bronco Stadium concessions, and maybe even video of David Augusto not sideline reporting. The possibilities are endless.

Let us know if you have any gameday tips on where the best tailgating is or where the best seats are or where we can find a churro. See you at the game and see you online!