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Brent Guy goes off deep end, thinks Aggies can win

If indeed this is Utah State coach Brent Guy's last season at the helm of the Aggies, it will be bittersweet for us - not because we like him as a person, but because we enjoy the fact that we never know what's going to come out of his yapper. He's like Hal Mumme, without a towel.

Earlier this week, Guy slighted Boise State's Kellen Moore by wondering aloud whether or not he's even good. Now, Guy has gone delusional about his own team.

"[Boise State] is a team that we haven't even competed with at all, but I feel like now, we have a team that could beat them, but we have to play well. Boise State is the next step toward proving that we belong to play in the WAC."

We're sorry. We thought we heard him say that Utah State can beat Boise State.
"I feel like now, we have a team that could beat them."

Oh dear. He has gone crazy.

Or he has not seen his roster lately.

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