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BCS update: Broncos move into Top Ten

Riddle us this: How does a Utah team that slips past New Mexico by three points jump two spots in the BCS standings while Boise State, winners by seven touchdowns over New Mexico State, only climbs one place?

Likewise, who put the bop in the bop-shoo-bop-shoo-bop, what's eating Gilbert Grape, and why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near?

The answer is that there is no answer. The BCS has officially stopped making sense, or at least, we are officially done trying to make sense of it. There are simply too many variables and equations that are beyond our understanding. We don't know why the BCS does what it does; and neither, we fear, does the BCS.

Take a look at the comparison between this week and last week for Oklahoma State, Utah, and Boise State:

Last week:

  • No. 9: Oklahoma State, 0.6746 BCS average,

  • No. 10: Utah, 0.6698 BCS average

  • No. 11: Boise State, 0.6362 BCS average

This week:

  • No. 8: Utah, 0.6972 BCS average

  • No. 9: Oklahoma State, 0.6660 BCS average

  • No. 10: Boise State, 0.6529 BCS average

Now take a look at the on-field results:

  • Utah 13, New Mexico 10

  • Boise State 49, New Mexico State 0

  • Oklahoma State 59, Iowa State 17

Excuse us while our brain explodes.

Boise State did leapfrog Utah in the AP poll, meaning jack squat. If anything, their movement in the media poll could be a sign of a bigger shift in the minds of America away from Utah and toward the Broncos. Let's hope those media folks put their slanted journalist values to good use; we could really use a Boise State Barbaro-esque story or two.

Of course, none of this will matter when Utah loses to TCU on Thursday.

But by then we'll have to defend the Broncos against the Horned Frogs.

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