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Avery and Enderle too much for Vandals to handle

Boise State's 10th win of the season and 10th straight against Idaho was surprisingly heated and emotional. For all the talk we did during the week about whether or not this was even a rivalry anymore, the Broncos and Vandals sure made it seem that way ... for two quarters at least.

Then Jeremy Avery and friends took over, and the blowout that we all expected ensued. Still, one half of a rivalry is better than no halves.

... funny how Jeremy Childs is always open ... we never thought we'd see the day when Vinny Perretta looked better running the ball than Ian Johnson did ... Byron Hout, anyone? ... is it just us, or has Dallas Dobbs started the last two games over Derrell Acrey? ... Kellen Moore has real emotions; he's just like us! ... the fake field goal probably would have worked if anyone other than Tanyon Bissell knew there was a fake field goal ... Kyle Brotzman, we don't even know where to begin with you ...

Wait. Everyone's just now getting behind Jeremy Avery?

People are fawning over Avery and his breakout game against the Vandals on Saturday. But correct us if we're wrong: wasn't his breakout game three weeks ago against San Jose State?

Avery has been the better back for awhile now, and OBNUG and our readers have already gone through the stages of grief to accept this fact. Was a 156-yard rushing performance against Idaho really what everyone else needed to see the light? We're fine if it was, so long as these people are seeing the Bronco offense for what it is and for what it needs. Avery's running style fits better with the quick-closing holes and small creases that the O-line creates. Saturday wasn't Avery's breakout game. Saturday was just another shining moment.

... something tells us that Kyle Wilson is not done returning punts for touchdowns this year ... ditto Ellis Powers and fumbles ... good thing Robb Akey let Deonte Jackson play despite an assault charge; he was really a difference-maker ... the game could have (and should have) easily been 35-10 at halftime ... Kellen Moore not throwing a touchdown might be the Vandals' biggest win of the season ... if you think George Iloka hits hard now, just wait until he turns 20 ... that Jeremy Avery screen pass/lateral really did look like a fumble ... we hope Austin Pettis is okay ...

Idaho Vandals: body by Pillsbury

One thing stood out when looking at the difference between the Vandals and the Broncos: pudginess. Seriously, did you see some of those Idaho players? Nathan Enderle looked like he had small children living in his thighs. And did you see OT Billy Bates' love handles? Those things were big enough to be voting-eligible in several Northern Idaho counties.

The Broncos, on the other hand, were all fit and athletic, and that seemed to make a big difference. In a rivalry that is getting more and more lopsided as the years go by, one of many areas that the Vandals are falling behind in is the fitness of their players. The Vandals have a bunch of thick farmboys. The Broncos have a bunch of athletes.

... did the loss of Eddie Williams really hurt the Vandals that much? ... ugh, the Kibbie Dome is disgusting ... lest we forget, Jeremy Avery also had a 38-yard kickoff return ... why pick up the flag on the Vinny Perretta pass interference? ... and for that matter, why no flag on the Kellen Moore late hit? ... nothing gets people excited like a leatherclad Butch Otter and the Governor's Trophy/Cup/thing ...

You will have one big play, and you will like it.

The Broncos were very benevolent in allowing the Vandals a big play for a touchdown on Saturday. And that's about all they got.

Daniel Hardy's rolling 81-yard touchdown gave Idaho a spark, but it wasn't the type of spark that lasted four quarters. Take away those 81 yards, and the Vandals had fewer than 250 yards total as a team. Without that big play, Nathan Enderle passed for under 150 yards. In short, it was another stout performance by the defense even though the game might not be remembered as such.