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Augusto, Johnson, and Scott on ESPN? Please, no!

It is a foregone conclusion in the OBNUG household that ESPN will pick up the Nevada - Boise State game on Saturday and air it on one of the Worldwide Leader's family of networks. The Reno Gazette-Journal said so.

Nevada officials said Saturday that ESPN informed the WAC during the week that if Boise State won its game Saturday -- a 45-10 victory at Idaho -- then it would carry next Saturday's Boise State-Nevada game.

The only problem with this is that ESPN has yet to decide who is going to be in the booth.
A final decision is expected Tuesday. Possibilities include ESPN producing the game solely for its broadcast or picking up the KTVB production to show nationally.

The latter option would include the three-ring circus of Mark Johnson, Tom Scott, and David Augusto announcing the game in front of a national television audience. Heaven help us.

If ESPN has any sensibilities or even concern for the well-being of America, they cannot let this happen. We assume that by watching Johnscottgusto in action that the head honchos at ESPN would clearly see that including these kooks on their network would be a mistake. For every interesting Tom Scott anecdote, there is Mark Johnson thinking illegal formation is a loss of down penalty. For every time Scott makes a pointless play on words, there is Augusto telling us stuff we already know.

Mark Johnson (insert voice inflection where unnecessary): The Broncos take on the Nevada Wolf Pack in front of a sellout crowd in Reno.
Tom Scott
: Yes, the proverbial "full house" as the Wolf Pack tries not to get "flushed royally." Two pair.
Johnson: Let's go to the sidelines and David Augusto.
David Augusto: Thanks, Mark. I'm being told that ESPN has picked up the live feed of the Boise State game. That's all from down here.

Please, ESPN. Do the right thing. Send Chris Spielman or something.

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