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Ain't no party like a Utah State party, natch

Aggie quarterback Diondre Borel and his teammates wash away the pain and frustration of being on scholarship at Utah State the only way they know how: Corona. And Corona with lime.

It turns out, a number of football players and a soccer athlete are facing misdemeanor alcohol charges related to a house party on Sunday, Sept. 7 in Logan.

Did someone say House Party?

Borel was one of 13 Aggie football players who felt the long arm of the law in a Utah courtroom today. Considering that Borel is 19 years old and therefore underage, the charges stemming from the house party might be a little more severe than just obsequious party fouls. He and his tipsy friends could be in serious trouble. Of course, that isn't to say that there will be any consequences on the football field or anything.

Brent Guy has yet to hand out suspensions because if he did, there would go half of his roster. In addition to Borel, the baker's dozen of hard-timers included linebacker Jordan Glass, left tackle Spencer Johnson and a bevy of underclassmen depth. Here's the full list:

The athletes involved in the case are Kellen Bartlett, Diondre Borel, Xavier Bowman, Steven Clark, Jonathan Darrah, David Michael Disman, Kyle Gallagher, Quinn Garner, Jordan Glass, Spencer Johnson, Alifereti Kikau, Brian Mason, and Nicholas Rogers.

Also of note, the kegger happened following Utah State's 66-24 loss to Oregon.

We don't even want to know what kind of party they had following their 30-24 win over Hawaii on Saturday.

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