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Warm bodies needed for New Mexico State offense

Already at a severe disadvantage in terms of ability, depth, and talent, the New Mexico State Aggies now plan on going into their game against Boise State at a severe disadvantage in healthy bodies.

From Chadd Cripe's Bronco Beat blog:

New Mexico State has a mess of injuries on offense, particularly at receiver and on the line. Coach Hal Mumme doesn’t expect running back Marquell Colston (4.8 yards per carry), receiver Marcus Anderson (seven TD catches), receiver Wes Neiman (27 catches), running back Brandon Perez, offensive lineman Kyle Smith, offensive lineman Joel Buschmann or offensive lineman Richie Bolin to play this week.

Colston especially is a tough loss for NMSU since the Aggies aren't particularly good at running the ball and will be even less so with Colston out of the game. The junior back had two 100-yard games on the season.

Of course, New Mexico State's injury report could just be Hal Mumme's way of messing with the Bronco coaches, players, and fans. Are we really to think that the Aggies are that beat up following a game against Idaho? Is it not more likely that Mumme simply went down the depth chart and listed players not named Chase Holbrook and Chris Williams?

If Mumme is indeed trying to play with the minds of the Broncos, he severely underestimated the Broncos' secret injury report weapon: David Augusto. You want vague and possibly untrue updates on Boise State injuries? You got 'em!

  • Augusto: I'm being told that Chris O'Neill is officially out with a broken foot.

  • Augusto: The official word from the team is that Derrell Acrey suffered a minor ankle sprain against Bowling Green. He will miss the rest of the game.

  • Augusto: Steven Reveles has an "upper arm injury." I'll give you more details as they come in.

  • Paul J. Schneider: Jeremy Avery's suspension from the Hawaii Bowl, spring practice, and the Idaho State game is not expected to affect his status on Saturday.

  • Augusto: Marty Tadman is listed as "doubtful" for Saturday's game against the Aggies. Jeron Johnson plans to start in his place.

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