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WAC recap: Nevada goes the way of Fresno

Seriously, Nevada? New Mexico State? We thought you were better than that.

The Wolf Pack lost at home to Hal Mumme's Aggies in a game where "shootout" might not have been a strong enough word. The two teams combined for 93 points and over 1,000 yards, and NMSU came away with the 48-45 win.

Chase Holbrook's dad certainly appreciated the victory:

WOW............That's about all I can get to come out when I try to talk about the game in Reno. Since my wife decided in the third quarter that I needed to take over the "It's another Aggie First Down Chant" I have no voice left. Actually it is probably because I yelled it all away in support of the Aggie football team.

Holbrook Jr. finished with over 400 yards passing and three touchdowns, which earned him WAC player of the week honors and solidified his legacy as a sort-of-decent quarterback who eats up terrible pass defenses. Colin Kaepernick, Nevada's prepubescent QB, accounted for four touchdowns, also playing against a terrible pass defense.

For Nevada, the loss is particularly painful since the Wolf Pack were expected to be the new challengers to Boise State following Fresno State's loss last week. Apparently, Nevada likes the New Mexico Bowl a lot more than we thought they did.

Fun fact: Attendance in Reno was just over 12,000.

Other WAC games:

Fresno State 45, Idaho 32

As evidence of how far Fresno State has fallen, the Bulldogs were outgained by the Vandals and only held a 10-point lead late in the fourth quarter. When is a win not a win? When you beat Idaho by 13 at home.

Fun fact: Nathan Enderle threw zero interceptions. He's saving them for next week.

San Jose State 30, Utah State 7

The Spartans became the new WAC team du jour this week following Nevada's loss and their own win over Utah State. In other words, by default. Utah State's awfulness helped SJSU quarterback Kyle Reed throw for a season-high 300 yards and three touchdowns. The Spartans face Boise State a week from Friday.

Fun fact: The leading rusher for San Jose State was Yonus Davis with 24 yards on 11 carries for a robust 2.2-yard average. If you're quiet, you can hear Jeron Johnson chuckling in the distance.

Hawaii 24, LaTech 14

Using a five-hour time difference to their advantage, the Warriors slipped past LaTech thanks to two Inoke Funaki touchdown passes and four Louisiana Tech turnovers. For the record, that makes 10 turnovers in two games versus Bulldogs this season. Taylor Bennett was happy to oblige, throwing two picks and getting pulled in the fourth quarter.

Fun fact: We can't stand Hawaii.