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WAC awards have got it bad for Kellen Moore

Boise State quarterback extraordinaire Kellen Moore was named the WAC's offensive player of the week for his performance against Louisiana Tech on Wednesday. Tom Brandstater finished a distant 42nd.

For Moore, the award is his second of the season and marks the second time in Boise State's last two games that he has been chosen as the conference's best player. With a less than daunting WAC schedule on the horizon, the redshirt freshman could be hearing his name plenty more over the next few weeks.

So the question now becomes: what is he doing with all of these awards? We would like to think that he has built himself a trophy case in his dorm room, next to the Steve Young poster and on top of the mini-fridge. But Moore doesn't seem like the type of person to wallow in his own greatness. (Zabransky on the other hand...)

No, we imagine that he has started handing them out in the Quad to whatever lucky coed happens to be passing by. Either that or he carries them around in his pocket and whips them out to impress women. "Want to see my Wendy's National Player of the Week Award? It's got Dave Thomas' bust on it."

Personally, we would like to start seeing some of this stuff on eBay because we got ourselves a PayPal gift certificate for our birthday and we have been waiting for just the right time to use it. That WAC Player of the Week certificate with the fake Karl Benson signature would look perfect on our mantle.

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