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Top 26 Poll: no better than anyone else's poll

Earlier today, we railed against human pollsters who have overvalued Utah and TCU and slighted Boise State. Now comes the awful realization that this week's Top 26 Poll has done the same dirty deed.

The idle Utes jumped over Boise State into the No. 9 spot despite not playing a game and certainly despite not having beaten a relatively decent team like San Jose State. How is this possible? We are obviously not being biased enough.

Expect big changes to the poll next week when everyone who doesn't vote Boise State No. 1 is immediately kicked out. Don't even think that we're joking.

As always, visit the Top 26 Poll homepage for the past polls and download the Top 26 Poll pdf to see how everyone voted.

  1. Texas

  2. Alabama

  3. Penn State

  4. USC

  5. Texas Tech

  6. Oklahoma

  7. Georgia

  8. Florida

  9. Utah

  10. Boise State

  11. Oklahoma State

  12. TCU

  13. Missouri

  14. Tulsa

  15. LSU

  16. Ball State

  17. Ohio State

  18. Florida State

  19. BYU

  20. Minnesota

  21. North Carolina

  22. Michigan State

  23. Oregon

  24. South Florida

  25. Pittsburgh

  26. Maryland

Also receiving votes: UCONN, Cal, Georgia Tech, Arizona

Say good-bye to: Kansas, Northwestern, Boston College

KTVB's Justin Corr has offered to regale us with his explanation of his poll, detailing each and every team that made it on his list. He also provided some shameless self-promotion both for himself and for us, so we can't complain.

1. Texas – Every team in the Big 12 plays great offense, Longhorns are the only team that plays defense… they’re headed to the Championship Game.
2. Alabama – Definitely the 2nd-best team in the nation (good at everything), but they won’t make it through the SEC unscathed, leaving the National Title door open for…
3. Penn State – Offense sputtered against the first good team they played… but once again, they’ll stay undefeated, and the human polls will put Joe Pa into the National Title game. Also, I think it’s better to have a great defense, and average offense, than…
4. Texas Tech – A great offense and an average defense… although that offense may be the best in the nation… we’ll see this weekend against Texas!
5. Georgia – A team in the SEC that plays offense, too? The 'Dogs are the best one-loss squad in the nation.
6. Florida – The 2nd-best one-loss team in the nation. Or are they? They’ll play Georgia this weekend for that title.
7. Oklahoma State – They had a better loss to the best team in the nation, than their rivals…
8. Oklahoma – Only loss came to the best team in the nation, how far can I drop them? This far.
9. Utah – They’re undefeated, and playing great against terrible teams… but we won’t know how good they really are, until they play TCU on November 6th on a very short week… and probably lose.
10. Boise State – I don’t know if it’s good or bad that these guys still aren’t playing their best football… if they’re undefeated, and streaking up the rankings, I guess that’s good.
11. TCU – Only loss came to a team whose only loss was to the best team in the nation… I don’t think they should be ranked ahead of the undefeated Broncos, but pollsters might, after the Horned Frogs beat the Utes.
12. USC – One unimpressive loss… an unimpressive win last weekend… meh, I’m tired of hearing about these guys.
13. LSU – Offense finally showed up, on a day when the defense allowed 52 points… whoops!
14. Tulsa – Yeah, I know they haven’t played anyone, and won’t… but they are still undefeated. (by the way, I’m writing this on Sunday, before their game with UCF went final, so if they lost, ignore this ranking.)
15. Ball State – See Tulsa.
16. Ohio State – I’m tired of talking about these guys too… they lost, they’re 16th, moving on…
17. BYU – Their only loss is to a team who’s only loss is to a team who’s only loss is to the best team in the nation. That means I have no idea how good they are, but their one-loss record gets them as high as 17th.
18. Minnesota – The only decent team they’ll play all year, Ohio State, they lost to… but I think that Hayden Fox is one heck of a coach.
19. Florida State – Much like BYU and Minnesota, the only decent team they’ve played this year, Wake Forest, they lost to… and Wake Forest is slipping quickly into indecency. But a one-loss record gets you a Top 25 nod.
20. Missouri – Offense is fun. Missouri plays offense. I’m told next year they’ll try some of that defense stuff.
21. Oregon – They’re playing pretty good football right now, which obviously helps the Broncos.
22. South Florida – They have no quality wins… but someone has to fill the rest of my poll.
23. North Carolina – Hey, they beat Uconn… (crickets).
24. Michigan State – I don’t know what Mark Dantonio has against Javon Ringer, but I think making him carry the ball more than 30 times a game violates some Amnesty International guidelines.
25. OBNUG – Haven’t lost a game all season.
26. – Cheap Plug.