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Top 26 Poll: Broncos closing fast on Top Ten

Has BYU reached its ceiling? The non-BCS darling of a national championship contender dropped a spot in the polls this weekend and held steady in the Bronco Blogger Top 26. What does a team have to do to get some respect around here?

Well, beating Utah State by more than 20 would be a start. Hopefully, BYU's stagnation in the Top Ten can help out those non-BCS schools below the Cougars, namely Boise State. We Bronco bloggers will certainly be doing our part next week when a Boise State win might equal a spot among those coveted ten teams. If anyone can make it happen, we can.

As always, visit the Top 26 Poll homepage for more information and download the Top 26 Poll pdf for a breakdown of how each participant voted.

  1. Oklahoma (7)

  2. Missouri (2)

  3. Alabama

  4. LSU (1)

  5. Texas

  6. Penn State

  7. BYU

  8. Texas Tech

  9. USC

  10. Georgia

  11. Florida

  12. Utah

  13. Boise State

  14. Vanderbilt

  15. Ohio State

  16. Oklahoma State

  17. Kansas

  18. South Florida

  19. Virginia Tech

  20. Auburn

  21. Northwestern

  22. Michigan State

  23. North Carolina

  24. Ball State

  25. Tulsa

  26. Pittsburgh

Say good-bye to: Wisconsin, Fresno State, UCONN, Oregon

Also receiving votes: Wake Forest, Wisconsin, Cal, Arizona, Georgia Tech

Drew Roberts from the venerable Fight Fight BSU has the honors of defending his poll this week and still has the exhilaration of another Fresno season down the tubes.

1. Oklahoma
2. Missouri
3. LSU
4. Alabama
5. Penn St.
6. Texas
7. Georgia
8. USC
9. BYU
10. Florida
11. Boise St.
12. Texas Tech
13. Utah
14. Kansas
15. Ohio St.
16. Oklahoma State
17. Virginia Tech
18. Vandy
19. South Florida
20. Michigan St
21. North Carolina
22. Auburn
23. Tulsa
24. Pittsburgh
25. Ball State

Ahh, finally an opportunity to drop Fresno from the rankings (again). The Bulldogs had ZERO quality wins after defeating a poor Rutgers team, a sad UCLA team, an awful Toledo team and then losing to a mediocre Wisconsin team and a sickly Hawaii team (phew, I was running out of adjectives). I had to give Ball State some love...they are 6-0 and without a "big-time" win, but hey, they beat Toledo 31-0 (the same Toledo that scored 54 on Fresno and took them to OT). Pittsburgh had to jump in on my poll because they beat a top-10 USF team and the fact that none of our opponents did squat for us this weekend so Pittsburgh (having lost to Bowling Green) will have to suffice. Tulsa looks like an offensive machine down there so I had to jump them up a bit. I'm not really sure why Tulsa isn't getting much love in the polls...5-0 and leading the nation in scoring...sounds awfully familiar. My top ten didn't change a lot, because there were no big upsets outside of the USF loss. USC jumped slightly after beating down a good Oregon team (they are good, right?). BYU stayed put...sorry...they raised the bar with the UCLA game and 20-point wins over Utah State are a big letdown. Honestly, BYU will have to win big from here on out to get any movement in my poll...on the other hand, Boise State can eke out OT wins over bottom-feeders and probably jump up two or three spots a week (that's how homerism is done, Mike Prater...why do voters from El Paso have the Broncos eight spots higher than you?). So there you have it (hooray for parentheses).