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The list: top ten Bronco-related Halloween costumes

We are not able to attend any Boise State Halloween parties tonight because our invitations were lost in the mail. As such, we have only our imaginations and daydreams to picture what we're missing.

Here are the top ten Bronco costumes that we came up with.

10. Bush Hamdan is going as Kellen Moore.

9. Jeron Johnson is going as a Mack truck.

8. Jeremy Childs is going as a macroeconomics tutor.

7. Jeff Choate is going as a ball of energy.

6. Mike T. Williams and Ryan Winterswyk are going as a sandwich.

5. Ian Johnson is staying home because Chrissy rented 27 Dresses.

4. Brad Elkin is going as Kyle Brotzman.

3. All the redshirt freshmen are going as different characters from High School Musical 3.

2. George Iloka is going as Kid 'n Play.

1. David Augusto is going uninvited.

Got any more? Let us know in the comments.