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Solution to Bronco running game: wait until 2010

Much has been made of the sudden inability of the Boise State football team to run the ball, and to that we say, "Just wait a couple years."

Not only will Doug Martin be raging it up in the backfield, but he'll be joined by 2008 Bronco verbal commitment Malcolm Johnson who is, by the looks of things, awesome.

Johnson added touchdown runs of 77 and 75 yards before the game was over and had an 80-yard score brought back on a penalty in the first half. He finished with 458 yards on 36 carries.

Four hundred fifty eight yards is only slightly less than what the Broncos have gained on the ground this entire season.

Special thanks to OBNUG reader Eric for sending us this story. We were already downright giddy over the prospects of the Broncos in a couple years, and now we are seriously looking into buying a time machine so that we can go to the future just to get a glimpse of what life will be like for a Bronco fan in 2010.

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