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Slim Pickings: Roadtrip canceled due to jinxes

Back in February, I announced a road trip to Hattiesburg for this weekend's game. This site was young, we were optimistic, things that have happened hadn't happened yet. Well, today I'm sad to announce that this road trip is canceled (well, at least on my part; this really doesn't affect the 10's to 100's who will make the trip to Hattiesburg to support Boise State).

This really came down to one important factor -- my recent record at Boise State away games. Last year, I made the trip to Seattle for the Washington game. We weren't too optimistic with the Taylor Tharp era at the time, so that loss wasn't all that surprising (although, in retrospect, it looks worse by the day). In 2005, I made the trip to Athens, Georgia. I had been anticipating the game for months. I had bought a few extra tickets and decided to take some of my SEC friends with me to introduce them to Boise State football. It should have been an omen when a drunk Georgia girl puked all over a Boise State fan in front of her during the national anthem. We all know what followed. I witnessed the most gut-wrenching performance by a Boise State player probably ever contained to one half of football.

I didn't make it to the Fiesta Bowl due to cost limitations. I had planned to go to Eugene this year, but plane tickets were again too expensive. I'm not really a superstitious person, but I don't think I'm going to mess with this string of events.

Also, I want to again give out a huge thanks to everyone that helped me make the Gameday event happen. I know that it will probably go down as the greatest day in OBNUG history.

On to the picks:

(5) Texas vs. (1) Oklahoma (-6.5)

Well, the Red River Shootout is relevant again this year. Sam Bradford and Colt McCoy are ranked numbers 2 and 4 respectively in QB rating nationally. Kellen Moore's lurking at 6. If this were a bowl game, I'd pick Texas; but, it's not.

Pick: Oklahoma

(4) LSU at (11) Florida (-6)

Here's the game that looked way more exciting three months ago. Yes, LSU is undefeated, but their only win of note was over an underwhelming Auburn team. Florida has been disappointing this year. Tebow looks like he may be in a funk. I think LSU should prevail, but a six-point spread is huge in an SEC game.

Pick: Florida

New Mexico St at Nevada (-19)

I think this 19-point spread could be attributed to the Kaepernick Effect (see: Vegas looks at gaudy box scores but hasn't seen the team play). I'm hoping this Kaepernick Effect will lead to a lower than normal spread against Boise State leading to an easy cover. Until then, the guy does put up great numbers on the ground.

Pick: Nevada

Idaho at Fresno St (-34)

Wow, I think this line was set at 34 just to mess with me. I hate Fresno. They screwed me again last week when I went against my gut again and picked them. Now they play the worst team in the WAC (not to mention probably all of I-A) at home. It just seems like this Fresno team is in a tailspin. Maybe the cure for a tailspin like this is playing Idaho. But 34 points is a huge amount. I had to go back to my history. So far I'm 2-1 in games with spreads of 34 points or higher. It is with that in mind, with great uneasiness, I make this pick.

Pick: Fresno St

Utah St at San Jose St (-14)

Utah State's lone win was over Idaho. San Jose State is dealing with mononucleosis. Advantage: San Jose State. Good luck, Brent Guy.

Pick: San Jose St

(15) Boise State (-11) at Southern Miss

In today's day and age, if a game is televised and I want to watch it, I feel like this should be possible. Why do companies make it so hard for me to purchase their services? Why must I watch the majority of Boise State's games this year on my laptop? Why hasn't a Senate committee been assembled to tackle tough issues facing us Americans like this one? Boise State covered last week and renewed my confidence in them.

Pick: Boise State

Last week: (4-3), Overall: (29-14-1)