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Secret CBS coupon the solution to our problem

Earlier today, we whined about possibly not being able to watch the Southern Miss - Boise State game on Saturday. And like a best friend we've never met, an OBNUG reader fixed everything.

Thanks to forum8usa, we found out about a handy coupon code from CBS College Sports that gives you a free month of the network online. Where do we sign up?!



Sweet. Then what's the code?
Promo Code: FREEMONTH07

If everything goes right, we should be not enjoying CBS College Sports network content in no time!

Now might be a good time to issue a disclaimer that OBNUG is not responsible for any incurred fees or any instances where in fact the coupon code does not work, has expired, or gets you jailed for piracy. We also are not allowed to tell you to immediately cancel the service after the game ends on Saturday so that you are not charged for any additional months. But really, you should probably cancel the service after the game ends.