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Rival blog bet: Warriors Will Throw, it is on!

The last couple weeks have been meager when it comes to rival blog betting, which is why we are so pleased to have Hawaii on the schedule this week to fix our gambling jones.

Hawaii fan site Warriors Will Throw will be our foil this week, and every week for that matter. One of the contributors to the site, Tombo Ahi, is a close personal friend whom we can't stand, so the vitriol and the trash talk should be at an all-time high. Winner takes all - or, at least, one blog post sometime next week.

The rivalry is already in full swing as Tombo and friends have launched their own stab at slanderous poetry (with much more artistic results, might we add). Here is an excerpt.

blue and orange
what a hideous combination
their ugly blue field
is an ungodly abomination
it looks like a furry swimming pool

the only good things
to come out of idaho
are those russet potatoes
and what else? mike crapo?
i'm sure something will come to mind

can't wait for friday
the obnug is confident
but the fall is the greatest
when you're all full of it
though i guess hot air and b.s. would tend to balance out, heyohhhhh!
Oh yeah? Well, um, well, at least we don't have Google AdSense on our site! Sell-outs!

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