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Reminder: Follow the BSU game, if you're lucky

Tomorrow's game against Southern Miss will be a tough test for the Broncos. But it will also be a tough test for fans, at least those of us who don't have CBS College Sports. We touched on it earlier in the week, but it bears repeating: here are the best and probably only ways of catching the Broncos tomorrow. Always be prepared.

CBS College Sports: DirecTV: 613, Dish Network: 152, CableOne: channel 17

KIDO, AM 580 in Boise

CBS College Sports online: Use coupon code FREEMONTH07, watch the game, cancel your subscription, cross your fingers and hope you don't get charged any more

ESPN Gamecast

OBNUG open comment thread

We'll be doing the last one for sure because we just love those guys at OBNUG. Except for Nick. He's a self-promoter. See you tomorrow, Bronco fans.