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Play Bronco special teams, live forever

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Does Bronco coach Jeff Choate love special teams just a little too much? You decide.

Special teams coach Jeff Choate has a rally cry for his units: "Sacrifice your body, and glorify your soul!"

This reminds us of our rally cry in our freshman year of college: "Sacrifice your GPA, and glorify your Gamecube!"

Seriously though, this does explain a lot about how the Broncos got to be the dominant special teams phenomenon that they are. With a rally cry like that, you can't help but be inspired. Guys like Doug Martin, Jason Robinson, and Hunter White will most likely not have to worry about their souls any time in the near future. We're not sure if the rally cry applies to Kyle Brotzman ("Sacrifice your chance at getting girls, glorify your rugby punt!").

It also goes a long way toward confirming the fact that Choate is intense bordering on certifiably insane. We had our suspicions. "Sacrifice your body, and glorify your soul"? Isn't that what Russell Crowe told everyone before he died in Gladiator? Any man who can think up something so completely inspirational and over-the-top must himself be just as inspirational and over-the-top. Does he wake up to Power Jams every morning? Good grief.

Don't get us wrong, though. We love Choate, and we love his enthusiasm for special teams. In fact, we researched the special teams rally cries of other WAC schools and found them to be significantly wanting.

  • Fresno State: Any punt, Any wedge, Anywhere!

  • Nevada: Why isn't Kaepernick out here!

  • Idaho: For the mustache!

  • San Jose State: For field position!

  • Louisiana Tech: Don't let Derek Dooley catch you dogging it!

  • Hawaii: Mele Kalikimaka!

  • Utah State: Punting is what we do best!

  • New Mexico State: No one taught us special teams, we just figured it out on our own!

We'll take Choate's Red-Bull-induced hysteria any day.

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