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Oxymoronic WAC Power Poll: Wheat, meet Chaff

New Mexico State and Hawaii were the latest teams to see their WAC title hopes crushed - hopes that they probably shouldn't have had in the first place. Still, there's that whole Poinsettia Bowl to shoot for now. Have fun with that.

Behold the midseason version of the WAC Power Poll.


Boise State. The Broncos used up all their byes early in the season, leaving the figurative byes of WAC conference play for later in the year. Good strategy. After SJSU tonight, Boise State gets the three worst teams in the conference back-to-back-to-back before dates with Nevada and Fresno. That Gene Bleymaier is a genius!


San Jose State
. The Spartans' 15 minutes of fame lasted about five days as everyone with Microsoft Word and a media pass covered the SJSU rise to the top of the conference. Dick Tomey slept through it all.

Formerly well-regarded

Fresno State.
How did Tom Brandstater spend his bye week? Probably living down to expectations. Or throwing interceptions.

. The fact that Colin Kaepernick was benched due to not being mentally prepared for the Utah State game came as a total surprise to us. We did not know you had to mentally prepare for a Utah State game.


. We hear that the Warriors' "Undefeated season" rings from a year ago went over so well that they plan on doing it again this year. They'll be inscribed with "Undefeated against LaTech."

Talking themselves into sixth place

New Mexico State
. The Aggies lost all their momentum from a win over Nevada with last week's loss to San Jose. But Hal Mumme and company were just happy to know that momentum hadn't forgotten their address like they feared.

Louisiana Tech
. The Ross Jenkins quarterback experiment seemed to work last week against Idaho, but we are pretty sure that most any experiment you try against Idaho will work.

Almost forgot about them

Utah State
. Has a team ever been so forgettable? We haven't made a Utah State joke since xx. Oops. Never mind.

Successfully keeping the basement warm

. How come no one ever talks about the Vandals as a candidate to move to the MWC? Robb Akey's mustache is at least the equivalent of a Tier 3 school.