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Oxymoronic WAC Power Poll: the old Fresno's back!

Week two of the Oxymoronic WAC Power Poll is here, and we get our first chance to plunge the Fresno State Bulldogs down the WAC rankings. We thought it would be at least late October before that happened!

Before we get started with the Power Poll, we thought it might be appropriate to further explain the name of our WAC rankings. An oxymoron, for those of you who don't know, is "a figure of speech in which contradictory terms appear side by side," like jumbo shrimp or quarterback Colin Kaepernick. The oxymoron in the title of our rankings is, obviously, WAC Power. This will be as intellectual as our humor gets from this point on.

The one-eyed man in a land of blind people

Boise State. To be fair, the Broncos have two eyes, a GPS unit implanted in their heads, and heightened sense like Spiderman. The rest of the WAC is still full of blind people.


Nevada. Here's how this Nevada thing is going to play out: the Wolf Pack will continue beating bad teams, lose to either Fresno State or Hawaii, be mentioned as an upset special when the host the Broncos, lose horribly, and head to the New Mexico Bowl. It came to us in a dream, so it must be true.

San Jose State. The Spartans should be 3-0 in the WAC when they host the Broncos in late October. This will have absolutely no impact on the game, but we just thought it would be nice to point it out to everyone.

Appreciative of turnovers

Hawaii. If the Warriors average six takeaways a game for the rest of the season, they could very possibly finish with five or six wins. Lest we forget, Inoke Funaki is still the starting quarterback.

Too much Tom Brandstater

Fresno State. This may be too low for the Bulldogs, but after blowing it against Hawaii and ruining any chance of a highly publicized matchup with the Broncos, they don't really get a say in how low they are put on a BSU blogger's WAC poll. They should be happy we didn't stick them between LaTech and NMSU.

Decent by association

Louisiana Tech. A long road trip to Hawaii this weekend is probably not the emotional salve that Taylor Bennett, Derek Dooley, and Co. were hoping for. Here's some advice: give Patrick Jackson the ball every play and see what happens. A similar strategy seems to work pretty well for Nevada.

New Mexico State. It seems like we know very little about the this year's Aggies team since they have largely played in New Mexico oblivion. The truth of the matter is that we do know Chase Holbrook is their starting quarterback and Hal Mumme is still their coach, so we pretty much know everything we need to know about the Aggies.

Still better than Idaho

Utah State. The Aggies look to make it four straight WAC wins when they visit San Jose State tomorrow. Too bad they already printed their "Three consecutive WAC victories spanning 2007-2008" T-shirts.

Practically Division I-AA

Idaho. What more is there to say about the Vandals? Well, there's the fact that they are 34-point underdogs against a conference team that just lost to Hawaii by three points last week. We cringe to think of the point spread when the Broncos come to town.