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Oxymoronic WAC Power Poll: San Jose hits ceiling

Poor Karl Benson. He can't possibly be a very content man, considering the utter chaos of his beloved little conference. Except for Boise State, the WAC is a mess. And every time that the Broncos succeed, there's no doubt that Benson feels pangs of guilt over cheering their success while a Nevada or a Fresno falls by the wayside.

We do not want to be Karl Benson. Unless he can write off BSU tickets as a business expense. In that case, we would want to be him.

Clearly in the wrong conference

Boise State. Has the gap between the No. 1 team in the WAC and everybody else in the WAC ever seemed so large? You could drive the Boise State bandwagon through that gap.

Offense-optional contenders

San Jose State. If you had told us at the beginning of the year that San Jose State would be the biggest obstacle for a Boise State conference championship, we would have probably burned you at the stake for being a witch. In hindsight, we would have regretted doing so. Our bad.

Hawaii. No Colt Brennan. No June Jones. No wide receiver posse. Yet still the Warriors are hanging desperately onto the ledge of WAC supremacy. Just don't look down, Hawaii. There's a big pile of Fresno State down there.

Lone highlight in NMSU year-end highlight video

Nevada. Look on the bright side, Nevada. Even though your team lost to NMSU at home, Graham Watson named Colin Kaepernick her WAC midseason POY. That should keep the boosters happy for a day and a half or so.

Falling faster than the DOW

Fresno State. Had the Bulldogs played a football team not coached by Robb Akey or embroiled in uniform scandals, they would have lost last weekend. As it is, their slide from non-BCS darling to disappointing non-BCS black sheep stepchild is still in the early stages. Pat Hill will take it from here, thanks.

Optimistic for no reason in particular

New Mexico State. New Mexico State fever has hit ... the greater Las Cruces area. While an upset of Nevada is a step in the right direction, the Aggies still have several hundred more steps to make before they reach the WAC championship conversation. One such step is this week against San Jose State.

Content with not being last

Louisiana Tech. Taylor Bennett has given way to Ross Jenkins at quarterback for the Bulldogs, which begs the question: Could LaTech have more effeminate names on its QB depth chart? Taylor, last time we checked, was a girls' name, and Ross makes us think of old Friends episodes involving feelings and DTRs. Who's number three on the depth chart? Veronica McLadypants?

Utah State. The Aggies have been quietly irrelevant of late, losing games they're supposed to lose, but not sucking bad enough to garner too much of our hilarious sarcastic criticism. Hopefully a road trip to angry Nevada will give provide some fodder. Did we say "hopefully"? We meant "undoubtedly."


Idaho. The Vandals played perhaps their best game of the season against Fresno State and still lost by double digits. Is Robb Akey counting moral victories on his CareerBuilder resume? We hear the Oakland Raiders find those particularly appealing.