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Oxymoronic WAC Power Poll: now with less power!

With conference play rearing its ugly, lopsided head, it is time to unveil OBNUG's newest weekly feature. Ladies and gentlemen, your weekly oxymoronic WAC power poll!

Most likely, this will devolve into another outlet for Boise State praise and Idaho bashing, but we are of the mind that you can never have too much of either and that you should never really have one without the other. So without further ado, let's get on to the rankings.


Boise State. Is there any other word to describe the Broncos in regards to the WAC at this point? Actually, don't answer that. We just thought of several other words.

Overrated, yet intriguing

Fresno State. Let us get this straight: in the Bulldogs' last three games, they have lost to Wisconsin, needed overtime to beat Toledo, and gave up 31 points to a bad UCLA team in a five-point win. Yet somehow we agree with everyone else that this will be the Broncos' toughest remaining game...apart from the national championship game.

Nevada. Take away Colin Kaepernick, and you have Louisiana Tech. Are we right or are we right? The only problem is that you cannot take away Colin Kaepernick, at least not until someone pulls the Danny Almonte papers on him and we all realize that he is a 17-year-old who is supposed to still be in high school. His skinny legs should have been a dead giveaway.

San Jose State. A win against Hawaii, in Hawaii, does not make the Spartans the cream of the WAC crop, but it does make them significantly better than four or five other teams. SJSU plays tough defense, they chew up the clock with 2.5-yard carries, and they hang on for dear life. Somehow, this strategy is working.

Horribly exposed in ways we never want to be exposed

Louisiana Tech. The Bulldogs were the guy at prom who didn't realize the whole night that his fly was down. He thought he looked pretty dope doing the Superman, but no one else saw it that way. XYZ, LaTech. Or rather, XY your quarterback position.

Hawaii. The Warriors fall into this category courtesy of one Inoke Funaki. The new starting QB for the Warriors enjoys giving games away with turnovers, surfing, and not living up to the lofty standards of Colt Brennan and Timmy Chang.

Observing the status quo

New Mexico State. A fourth quarter collapse? How Aggie-appropriate. NMSU could maybe be a good football team some day, but that day would have to be long after the Air Raid offense was sequestered by the football gods and Hal Mumme realized he'd be better off on a motorized scooter in Tempe. When that day does come, we are sure Chase Holbrook will come back for the alumni reunion gala.

Utah State. Courtesy of the Aggie win over Idaho, Brent Guy bought himself some time to remain head coach at Utah State. To celebrate, he turned down a group interview at FedEX/Kinko's.


Idaho. The Vandals are like the huge Lego castle that you got as a kid except without the instructions and all the important pieces. "Look, there's a brick in the shape of a rectangle. That must be useful!" This is analogical to how Nathan Enderle was recruited.