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OBNUG cashes in Hawaii rival blog bet

When the Broncos win, OBNUG wins. At least that's how we tell it when people ask if we ourselves have ever won a Fiesta Bowl.

Friday night's Boise State victory over Hawaii was a win for its most self-aware blog, too. Last week, we made a friendly wager with Hawaii blog Warriors Will Throw with the winning team's blog getting a free post on the other's site. You may remember our past conquests of Bowling Green, Oregon, and LaTech.

Well you can add another to that list.

Some might say we took it easy on the Warriors with a post that is short on name-calling and juvenile lei jokes. But we still fit in a David Augusto reference! Give us a break!

Plus, we went all the way to the future to write the sucker.

Heisman front-runner Kellen Moore threw seven touchdown passes, Jeremy Avery and D.J. Harper both went over the 2,000-yard mark on the season, and the Broncos overcame a spirited Hawaii offense and officiating crew en route to a 56-49 victory.

"This team really earned the win tonight," said Ian Johnson, whom the Broncos retained as official spokesperson despite Johnson's graduating last year. "I've really enjoyed following them throughout the season and attending meetings I wasn't invited to."
Check out the post on Warriors Will Throw for more Kellen Moore fake statistics and Ian Johnson fake quotes.

P.s. No rival blog bet this week because San Jose State has no blogs. At least, they have no blogs that aren't written by college students who refuse to reply to our SPAM-like comments.

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