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NMSU schedules Broncos, big loss for homecoming

The New Mexico State Aggies scheduled Boise State as their homecoming opponent this season, in order to fit with the school's homecoming theme: "Horrible, horrible losses." We hear Custer and the Last Stands are playing at the postgame dance.

Typically, most schools schedule cupcakes on homecoming weekend because they want to please boosters and alumni and give everyone the opportunity to leave at halftime if the score should be 50-0. At least that last part will still be a possibility.

But why Boise State? There is a smorgasbord of bad WAC schools to choose from, yet NMSU went with the one school that has historically not been bad. Here is the Aggies' home schedule. See any dogs on there?

  • New Mexico

  • Alcorn State

  • San Jose State

  • Boise State

  • Hawaii

  • Louisiana Tech

It appears that NMSU chose Boise State simply because the Broncos were in the middle of the schedule. Apparently, they could only book the Las Cruces Chuck E. Cheese on certain weekends.

As far as homecoming game gimmicks go, the Aggies chose to forego the "Homecoming Out" (tiaras for the first 5,000 through the gates!) in favor of "Free Cowbell Night." Classy. The first 3,500 Aggie fans at the stadium will receive a free cowbell, which for NMSU fans might be seen as more of a practical gift than a noise maker.

What the Aggie administration might have failed to consider is that scheduling a team for a homecoming game usually provides extra motivation for that team. No one wants to be a homecoming opponent, and everyone wants to spoil homecoming for the home team. So now instead of facing a No. 11-ranked Boise State team bent on getting a WAC championship and possible BCS berth, New Mexico State will now be facing a No. 11-ranked Boise State team bent on WAC championships, the BCS, and putting a damper on the celebratory after-party at Chase Holbrook's parent's place.

Not to mention totally ruining any fun that Aggie students planned on having at the Chuck E. Cheese Skee-Ball lanes.

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