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Morning paper: Boise State football links 10/9

We just got done reading Brian Murphy's latest column where he basically tells the Broncos how to fix their running game. His solution is to give one of the running backs the majority of the carries, and use one of the remaining three to spell him on occasion. Our solution is to play offense with two extra footballs.

Here are today's links:

Southern Miss facts, figures, and plays on words [Fight Fight BSU]
Southern Miss would also like to point out that Ray Guy went there. THE Ray Guy.

Not every major media member has jumped on Bronco bandwagon yet []
Stewart Mandel is waiting for the non-conference road games to end first. He'll be riding in the back when it's over.

Special position package for Doug Martin this week [Murph's Turf]
We imagine it will either be fullback, linebacker, wedge buster, or Kellen Moore bodyguard.

"Rhythm" is the word missing from the Bronco offense [Scott Slant]
We thought the word was "Ryan Clady," but what do we know.

Bronco receivers not complaining about fewer balls [Bronco Beat]
Kellen Moore spreads catches around despite everyone being "totally open on that one."

President Kustra would really like a tougher schedule [Statesman]
Bleymaier's new contract to include BCS scheduling clause, performance incentive for "no Weber State."

Kyle Wilson becoming a leader on the field and in the locker room [Statesman]
Which probably means he'll turn pro at the end of the year.