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Morning paper: Boise State football links 10/7

Lots to cover today as the Broncos prepare for Southern Miss. Let's get right to it.

Chris O'Neill done for the season [Press-Tribune]
"Not sure when during the game he broke his foot." We think that would be something you would remember.

Phil Dailey piles on Fresno State kicker [Bottom Line]
Tom Brandstater hides in the corner, avoiding eye contact.

Southern Miss coach is a Moore fan [Dave's Blog]
Who isn't at this point? We mean besides Kirk Herbstreit.

Coach Pete press conference audio [Statesman]
We like to use it in place of our alarm clock buzzer so that we can wake up to his voice.

Bruce Feldman also a Moore fan [ESPN]
Hop aboard the bandwagon, Bruce. You can sit next to Ms. Watson.

Derek Dooley takes responsibility for LaTech's loss to Broncos [News-Star]
Not for letting Taylor Bennett play quarterback but for other, management-related decisions.

Not everyone loves BYU's chances [Dr. Saturday]
Wyoming, Utah State, Washington, and Northern Iowa is quite the murderer's row.

Fresno State fan converts to Boise State fan [The Fresnan]
Not that anyone asked him to.