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Morning paper: Boise State football links 10/29

Hal Mumme has been strangely quiet this week. We expected him to put his foot in his mouth or make some guarantee he cannot back up. Then again, it's only Wednesday. He still has time.

Johnson holds onto record-breaking TD ball this time [Bronco Beat]
Unlike Fiesta Bowl, IJ does not throw it into stands or ask anyone to marry him for that matter.

Errbody in the NMSU fight song getting tipsy [Fight Fight BSU]
Similar to BYU's fight song, except replace "booze" with "pasteurized milk."

Steven Reveles and Cory Yriarte injuries force Broncos to adapt [Scott Slant]
As far as the O-line is concerned, it's not that big of a deal; they were probably going to change things again anyway.

Ethical blocking dilemmas arise from Idaho State Idaho H.S. game [Statue Left]
This is one of the many reasons why we couldn't stand playing special teams.

Pat Hill's faith in freshman kicker pays off []
Says Hill, "What do you mean 'faith'? He's the only kicker we have."

SJSU's Carl Ihenacho suffers hand injury against Broncos []
National media has moved on and doesn't really care anymore.

Division I-AA championship might move to January []
Interesting ... a playoff system with a January title game. Sounds like a good idea to us.

New Mexico State's offense and defense aren't normal [Dave's Blog]
For instance, they choose to pretty much ignore running the ball and stopping the run.

Doug Martin might show up in defensive secondary this week [Times-News]
With his role being: blitzing the quarterback, playing man-to-man coverage, and channeling his anger.

NMSU's 3-3-5 defense about as effective as it sounds [Press-Tribune]
Teams stop for awhile at first, wondering what it is, then just run against it and think nothing more of it.

Well, we're officially more scared of Chris Williams than we need to be [Statesman]
Those are some scare tactics the likes of which we haven't seen since Obama's 3:00a.m. phone call.

An optimistic Aggie scouting report [Statesman]
We had actually forgotten what Hal Mumme was known for.