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Morning paper: Boise State football links 10/23

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If you're not watching Friday Night Lights, you need to seriously reassess your life. Click here right now. You'll thank us later.

Here are today's links:

Johnson and Avery to split carries again [Bronco Beat]
Johnson to handle the two- and three-yard gains, Avery to handle the four- and five-yard gains.

This is San Jose State's Super Bowl! [College Sports Hotline]
Too bad Oregon announcer John Giansante will not be in attendance.

Boise State to the Pac-10: Stewart Mandel is having none of that []
Apparently Boise State is a Tier 3 school as opposed to the Pac-10's Tier 1s and 2s. Whatever. Fiesta Bowl.

Statistics don't scare us nearly as much as road games [Scott Slant]
Nevertheless, the media is still quick to point out that the SJSU defense is highly ranked in a bunch of stuff.

That's enough rumor-mongering for us, thanks [Murph's Turf]
Leave it to the Statesman to give credence to Coach Pete-to-Washington rumors.

The Will Hoenike Boise State preview [ISZ]
Sponsored by Will Hoenike Enterprises, LLC.

Apparently the offense isn't that bad [Press-Tribune]
Wait, are we talking about the Bronco offense here or some other offense that doesn't come in on our TVs?

Offensive line might be done shuffling [Statesman]
Not necessarily done missing blocks.

Phil Steele's midseason WAC awards [Phil Steele]
Short on actually watching any WAC games, long on recognizing people's names.