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Morning paper: Boise State football links 10/22

OBNUG reader Broncos Love Roses will be at ESPN's College Gameday in Columbus on Saturday, so make sure to keep an eye out for some more free Bronco publicity. Speaking of free publicity, is it too late to get a giant "OBNUG" written on the back of his sign? Intern, make some calls!

Here are today's links:

Third-string QBs better than first-string QBs at San Jose State [Bronco Beat]
"Better" being a relative term since the passing offense is still terrible.

San Jose State journalism majors do not have faith in Spartans [Fight Fight BSU]
What's the point of having a student newspaper if you can't be belligerently optimistic about your own school?

The first comparison between new recruit Geraldo Hiwat and Randy Moss [Dave's Blog]
Let the hyperbole begin! He's the Dutch Jerry Rice!

Dan Paul is okay in Ian Johnson's book [Dave's Blog]
New Bronco fullback/linebacker counted on to keep Johnson's internal organs in place this week.

Brian Murphy finds a stat book [Murph's Turf]
Hilarity ensues.

Vegas oddsmakers expect a close game [Scott Slant]
Vegas oddsmakers obviously have never seen SJSU play offense.

Ref collision is YouTube gold [Yahoo!]
Robb Akey checks to see if he has elgibility left.

D-line doing it with youth and mass substitutions [Press-Tribune]
Dropoff is minimal from Winterswyk and Williams to McClellin and Root. From McClellin and Root to us, however, is quite significant.

Bronco defense making far more plays than last year [Statesman]
We seem to remember this being an offseason goal ... along with a running game.

Robb Akey and Vandals find scapegoat for loss [Statesman]
Those officials are most definitely out to get them. Yep, that's what it is.