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Morning paper: Boise State football links 10/21

Lots to get to today, including a new Bronco recruit, a new WAC bowl game, and a look ahead at San Jose State. Here are today's links:

We do not remember San Jose State road games fondly [Press-Tribune]
At least this one's not at 9:00am like usual.

SJSU's Ihenacho brothers tearing up the conference [Statesman]
And by "conference," we mean "Hawaii" and "New Mexico State."

Offense is not a San Jose State specialty [Statesman]
Being offensive, yes. Offense itself, no.

Quotes from Coach Pete and Dick Tomey [Bronco Beat]
One sounds like he knows what he's talking about; the other sounds old. We'll let you decide.

Bronco offensive line undergoes more changes [Dave's Blog]
They may not be good at run blocking, but they sure are good at musical chairs.

Robb Akey seeking "light at the end of the tunnel" [Press-Tribune]
Hint: it's pink and shaped like a slip.

Broncos name internal players of the week [Statesman]
Jason Robinson earns Hammer, celebrates by self-aggrandizing.

Deadspin doesn't know Coach Pete like we do [Deadspin]
He won't be a hot coaching commodity so long as Boise State is a hot Carl's Jr. commodity.

San Jose State and Boise State both exceeding expectations [Times-News]
Well the Broncos aren't exceeding our expectations, unless they cured cancer as a team and no one told us.

Orange Bowl executive likes defensive line play [KTVB]
Watching the Hawaii-BSU game must have been a reprieve from typical ACC football.

Boise State interested in new left-handed quarterback? [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]
This is one rumor we are choosing not to believe.