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Morning paper: Boise State football links 10/20

We'd like to savor the remnants of Hawaii week for just one more day before we move on to the enigma that is the San Jose State Spartans. After all, we waited a long time for a night like Friday night, so we're going to enjoy it. Check in throughout the day for game thoughts, game balls, BCS rankings, and more.

Here are today's links:

Game recaps:

Broncos shuffled starting offensive line again [Dave's Blog]
One of these weeks we're hoping they slip Tad Miller back in, unnoticed.

Orange Bowl representatives were in town for Hawaii game [Murph's Turf]
They were only slightly disappointed in no postgame wedding engagements.

Vinny Perretta recaps Hawaii, looks ahead to SJSU in 100 words or less []
He is by far the most succinct Bronco blogger around.

Graham Watson now on San Jose State bandwagon []
For this week, anyway.

Revenge for Brandyn Thompson [Press-Tribune]
Take that, Colt Brennan via Inoke Funaki!

Boise State far and away the best football team in Idaho [ISZ]
With apologies to the Boise Burn and Fruitland high school.

Defensive line dominates Hawaii offense [Press-Tribune]
Don't worry, Warriors; it's not the first time it has happened.

Boise State is full of playmakers [Press-Tribune]
But really, only on defense.

Statesman still set on this whole grades thing [Statesman]
The Bronco defense is totally getting a scholarship to some fancy school.

Kellen Moore loves short touchdown passes [Statesman]
Which is too bad because Ian Johnson used to love short touchdown runs.

Breaking news: defense > offense [Statesman]
Circa, four weeks ago.

Dan Paul fullbacks it up [Statesman]
Rather than a slash, he's more like a tilde.