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Morning paper: Boise State football links 10/2

Wow, that was slightly dominant.

Once the score got to be 14-0, we wrote in our notebook "Game over." Then we drew a picture of Kellen Moore going to the movies with us. It actually turned into a seven-page comic book by the time the game was over. If you want a copy, send us an email.

Here are today's links, followed shortly by today's game reaction. We're just trying to find the right adjectives.

AP recap of the Boise State win [Yahoo Sports]
We're not sure they used the word "defense" enough.

Enlightening, stereotypical preview of BSU-LaTech [EDSBS]
With an enlightening, stereotypical result: Boise State wins.

Jeron Johnson leads team in tackles again [Dave's Blog]
At least this time he shared the honor with Kyle Gingg.

Sean Bingham did not play; out with an undisclosed [Bronco Beat]
Someone might have wanted to tell the ESPN announcers.

Phil Dailey appreciated the team effort by the Broncos [Press-Tribune]
The Broncos beat the Bulldogs in three phases of the game. Would have done more if additional phases existed.

Ian Johnson will get his ESPN 100 yards one way or another [Press-Tribune]
Next time, he may choose to break the century mark with blocked punt yardage.

Boise State's goalline stand was a defining moment [Statesman]
Even though it came when the game was already decided.

Kyle Brotzman challenging Kellen Moore for media gushiness [Statesman]
You can't say enough good things about the guy, but that doesn't stop everyone from trying.

Goodbye, Byron Hout redshirt [Statesman]
George Iloka redshirt is waiting for you at the Bonefish Grill. Have a good time.