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Morning paper: Boise State football links 10/15

When we came across an article about the Broncos being picked fifth in the WAC this morning, we did a double-take and quickly wrote an inflammatory article about disrespect and media ignorance. Then we realized the article was about the men's basketball team.

Can we please keep the basketball talk at a minimum until football season's over? Thank you.

Bronco men's basketball picked to finish fifth []
Looks like pre-purchasing NCAA Tournament first-round tickets was a bad decision.

If we hear "WAC champion Hawaii" one more time... [Times-News]
No wonder it is easy for the Broncos to find motivation for this game.

Glad to know the NMSU victory isn't going to their heads [Las Cruces News]
Everyone thinks they can challenge for a WAC title these days. Except Fresno State, of course.

Fresno students give midterm grades to the Bulldogs [The Collegian]
And somehow end up accusing Boise State of cheating.

Inoke Funaki has a wee bit too much respect for Colt Brennan [Bronco Beat]
We don't call anyone "Mr." unless they are ancient or used to hold the position we currently hold and did it a lot better than we are currently doing it.

Bozikovich will be back vs. SJSU [Murph's Turf]
Of equal importance to Murph: the winner of the Domino's pizza contest.

Coach Pete wants it loud on Friday night [Scott Slant]
OK, but our apartment neighbors might not appreciate the horns and cowbell.

Hawaii rivalry has taken on a life of its own [Dave's Blog]
That's what happens when your rivals actually beat you (see "Fresno State" and "Hawaii").

Nevada media jumps off Wolf Pack bandwagon and onto the Spartans [Gazette Journal]
It's a little premature for WAC champion talk, isn't it?

Boise State's seniors are pretty great [Statesman]
We're thinking of adopting a son this week just so we can point to a Boise State senior and tell our kid, "That's who you should be when you grow up." Then we'll probably take the kid back to the adoption agency.