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Morning paper: Boise State football links 10/14

Arrrrgggghhhh ... Hawaii.

Hawaii coaches and players speak about BSU game [UH Warrior Quotes]
Sounds like they have an appropriate amount of fear when it comes to Kellen Moore.

Fresno State's letters to the editor are getting depressing [Fresno Bee]
Unfortunately, we're pretty sure the Fresno Bee sports editor can't help with feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt.

Shiloh Keo done for the year [Press-Tribune]
Nathan Enderle wants to know how it happened so he could maybe do it, too.

Phil Dailey hints at Idaho upset [Dailey's Bottom Line]
Anything stronger than a hint would be deemed outright lunacy.

Inoke Funaki and the new Hawaii offense [Statesman]
Lower your expectations, Warrior fans.

Facts and figures on Hawaii [Statesman]
Fact: Greg McMackin is not June Jones. See? We could do facts and figures, too.

Coach Pete press conference audio/video []
Now with more painful expressions!

Taylor Bennett era ends at Louisiana Tech [Murph's Turf]
Kind of like how the Roaring Twenties ended, except without the Roaring part.

Pat Hill to Washington? [Seattle P-I]
But how will he schedule an unnecessary amount of teams above his conference.

Dave Southorn giving away tickets to Hawaii game [Dave's Blog]
All you have to do is submit a story, or know Dave Southorn personally.