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Morning paper: Boise State football links 10/13

We listened to the game on the radio on Saturday, and we must say that we are surprised to read so much negativity following the Bronco win. Things didn't sound that bad to us. Maybe it's because Jadon Dailey was making robot jokes after every Kellen Moore play.

We'll have more analysis on the Bronco win today, and we're pretty certain that our recaps won't be as doom-and-gloom as everyone else's. What can we say? We're nurturing that way.

Game recaps:

Ellis Powers receives Will Hoenike's game ball [ISZ]
Expect to see it on eBay within the next few days.

If all you take from a win is character, then it wasn't a very good win [Press-Tribune]
One thing Ian Johnson hasn't lost is his ability to handle media attention and say the right things.

WAC officials like to make their presence known [Press-Tribune]
Mission accomplished: they will have people talking about them for sure.

Kyle Brotzman can do it all [Press-Triubne]
And he has to do it all thanks to Brad Elkin.

Offensive gets a poor grade from Statesman [Statesman]
Might need to cheat off the defense next game.

Coach Pete is not a happy man [Statesman]
Bryan Harsin regrets his seat assignment on charter flight back to Boise.

Offensive line had new look for USM game [Statesman]
New look, but pretty much same result.

Statesman game notes [Statesman]
Byron Hout switched to No. 94, not that you would have seen him much.

Yes, we have heard of Boise State's D-tackles, Murphy [Statesman]
Anonymous defensive tackles are a WAC specialty.

At 5-0, there's much less to worry about than you might think [Statue Left]
A photo journey through the Southern Miss game ... with optimism!

Vinny Perretta would like to remind everyone that a win is a win [Perretta's Blog]
Or at least Vinny Perretta's marketing intern would.

Cody Hawkins benched by dad [Buff Zone]
Intramurals status now in jeopardy.