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Morning paper: Boise State football links 10/10

As far as big games go this weekend, there are plenty to choose from, including Texas vs. Oklahoma and LSU vs. Florida. Maybe that's why this Boise State road game seems to be flying below the radar. A few inflammatory blog posts ought to change all that.

Here are today's links:

Never mind about that whole Gene Bleymaier contract extension thing [Press-Tribune]
Bleymaier's extension was removed from State Board of Education agenda, replaced by "whiteout budget proposal."

Bronco defense close to outshining Bronco offense [Press-Tribune]
How nice of the Bronco offense to share some of the spotlight.

Behind-the-scenes information on Byron Hout [Statesman]
He sounds like the real deal. But who doesn't on the Bronco roster?

Two ways to listen to Bronco games on KIDO []
Still no ways to listen to Paul J on Bronco games.

Gerald McRath chooses compliments over guarantees [Bronco Beat]
He has a lot to learn if he hopes to be an NFL linebacker.

Cheap, unsavory pizza contest returns [Murph's Turf]
Statesman commenters eat this kind of stuff up...pun intended.

Ian Johnson's "Super Speed" getting rusty [Scott Slant]
His "Super three-yard-gain," however, is looking might fine.

Graham Watson shows true colors with score predictions []
Picking Boise State to win by nine is not exactly a vote of confidence.