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Morning paper: Boise State football links 10/1

What an interesting, weird feeling to have a Boise State football game smack dab in the middle of the work week. Anyone else taking Thursday off as a "sick day"? We've still got our game prediction and some more feelings on LaTech today, so keep an eye out for those before you head to the stadium. If you're staying home tonight, feel free to join us here in the comments section during the game.

Here are today's links:

Tickets still available for tonight's game [Bronco Beat]
Probably not in the Stueckle Sky Club, though.

Some Boise State fan sent Graham Watson "nice comments" this week [ESPN]
She obviously did not understand our blatant sarcasm. We'll be more obvious next time.

LaTech excels on special teams [Dave's Blog]
Probably because Taylor Bennett is not involved.

Will Hoenike will take the Broncos. Comfortably. [ISZ]
And we will take a Dairy Queen Blizzard. Deliciously.

Murphy's pizza reward for final score guesses returns [Murph's Turf]
We hope our 75-2 score holds up.

BSU golfer Troy Merritt featured in Golfweek [Press-Tribune]
Probably next to an ad for a belly putter.

File this one under tragically optimistic headlines [Reno Gazette-Journal]
"Nevada begins march toward WAC title." Gets lost on the way.

The Hammer working its way into BSU lore [Press-Tribune]
Is it dorky that we bought a replica and run through the house before the game with it?

Phil Dailey gets a little ahead of himself with this WAC championship thing [Press-Tribune]
Yes, conference play starts tonight. Also yes, it's only Louisiana Tech.

The Statesman combines all West Coast conferences into super league [Statesman]
Exceeds story gimmick quota for the next couple months.

Bowl-bound San Jose State just sounds awkward [College Sports Hotline]
Unless we're talking about the 2K Sports Bowl or whatever it's called. That sounds better.

Hawaii essentially gave away the game versus SJSU [Dr. Saturday]
Spartans took the lead on three drives totaling one yard. Let's hear it for the middle tier of the WAC!

Nathan Enderle still the quarterback at Idaho [Statesman]
Despite his best efforts not to be.