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Morning paper: Boise State football 10/8

We had an interesting choice last night: watch the Presidential debates or do virtually anything else. We went with "virtually anything else." At this point, we just want someone who can fix the economy and enact a mandatory college football playoff. We don't ask for much.

Here are today's links:

Will Kellen Moore be a freshman All-American? [Bronco Beat]
We say yes, assuming you can win the Heisman and be a freshman All-American in the same season.

Ian Johnson does not have jealousy issues, says Ian Johnson [Dave's Blog]
D.J. Harper earned his goalline touchdowns the same way Johnson used to earn opponents' defensive gameplanning.

A Bronco-centric Graham Watson mailbag [ESPN]
This can only end badly.

Giant pat on the back for Bronco defense [BroncoSports]
Nothing says imbalance like press releases made to look like articles.

Let's hope things never get this bad []
Washington State had to go all Invincible-starring-Mark-Wahlberg for its backup quarterback.

Inoke Funaki to start for Warriors [Honolulu Advertiser]
McMackin to pray that LaTech turns the ball over six times.

Southern Miss running back will be a handful on Saturday [Statesman]
Ryan Winterswyk and Mike T. Williams have big hands.

Idaho defense is last in the country, rest of team soon to follow [Statesman]
Robb Akey expects turnaround in, oh, a couple years or so.

Southern Miss at a glance [Statesman]
A rather random, construed glance.

Dan Hawkins gets contract extension from Colorado [Statesman]
Being mediocre in the Big XII is a lot better than being last in the Big XII.

Feel-good story about Ryan Clady [Fight Fight BSU]
Woody Paige still thinks he could block better.