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Morning paper: Boise State football 10/30

Thanks to everyone who voted in the OBNUG poll about who will rush for 100 yards this week. Jeremy Avery was an overwhelming winner, taking 44 percent of the vote. Ian Johnson finished second with 25 percent. Apparently very few people have faith in Kellen Moore's running ability.

We'l have a new poll up later today. In the meantime, here are the links:

J Bates drops in on Bronco Nation podcast [BNN]
Explains what that Channel 2 logo really is. An eye? A coaster? We need answers!

Pat Forde's BCS chaos scenarios []
OBNUG's BCS chaos scenario: having the BCS in the first place.

Where didn't the Broncos struggle in 2006? [Scott Slant]
Every WAC road game seems to be a reason to bring up the past. Let's move on. Agreed?

Jeron Johnson knows he has tendency to make bad plays [Bronco Beat]
But to be fair, those defenseless receivers are just asking for it.

Nike making plans for Boise State BCS berth [Murph's Turf]
Way ahead of you, Phil Knight. Now where did we put that swimming suit and Miami street map?

Jeremy Avery takes opportunities and turns them into first downs [Statesman]
Opportunities like Ian Johnson averaging three yards per carry and D.J. Harper being hurt.

Austin Pettis Leaping Grab Left to become staple of passing game [Statesman]
Replacing Kellen Moore Dump Off to a Fullback/Tight End.

That Bronco pass defense is pretty good [Press-Tribune]
Right, Taylor Bennett?

Dolphins message board talking about Moore [Fin Heaven]
Perhaps a tad premature? Not with Chad Pennington under center!