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Morning paper: Boise State football 10/28

New Mexico State week is always fun, and this one looks to be no different. We already have NMSU players shooting their mouths off (we'll get to that), we've got the Aggies choosing the Broncos as their homecoming opponent (we'll touch on that, too), and believe it or not, we found an Aggie blog to do a rival blog bet with us. We're already having more fun than we did against LaTech, and it's only Tuesday!

Young suspended for "conduct detrimental to the team" [Press-Tribune]
Oh, so it was for fumbling so much!

Broncos versus Sooners in Fiesta Bowl; now where have we heard that before? [CFN]
Perhaps we can get Todd Harris to find out Jared Zabransky's thoughts on the topic.

Watch Coach Pete's press conference [BroncoSports]
Everybody's doing it, except possibly Titus Young.

It's not a Broncos win without a headline pun or two [Orange and Blue Circus]
We commend her for not using Kellen Moore's last name.

McMackin destroys computer during halftime speech [Star-Bulletin]
This sounds like something Jeff Choate would do ... every Tuesday ... just because.

Brian Murphy negative Bronco article appears in Fresno paper [The Collegian]
Hope he didn't spend his 1/2 cent per word commission all in one place.

San Jose State will finish second in the WAC []
Oh, really? Guess there's no point in them really playing Fresno or Nevada now, is there.

Willingham out as coach at Washington [Dr. Saturday]
Let the Coach Pete rumor mill start spinning wildly out of control.

Coby Karl says good-bye to Lakers [Press-Tribune]
Vice versa, actually.

Vandals probably not turning things around any time soon [Dailey's Bottom Line]
Might be smart to just take their win and pack it in the rest of the season.

Broncos underrated with youngness []
Not "Titus Young-ness" mind you, just regular youngness.