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Morning paper: Boise State football 10/27

The Broncos' winning on Friday night against San Jose State was about the only thing that went according to plan for the WAC this weekend. We'll touch on these results later today, but there were upsets galore as Idaho topped NMSU, Nevada lost to Hawaii, and Fresno needed a last-second field goal to beat Utah State. Is it possible that the gap between Boise State and the rest of the conference is actually growing?

Here are some links about Friday's game. We'll be back with game balls and such in a bit.

Game recaps:

Signs of progress and miscues for Broncos [Press-Tribune]
Jeremy Avery will take credit for the former, Jeron Johnson for the latter.

Statesman grades for Broncos' performance indicate serious studying [Statesman]
We haven't seen grades this good since our fourth grade report card. We loved Idaho history!

Murphy piles on Broncos for no good reason [Statesman]
That was uncalled for, unless of course Mike Prater was calling for it.

Vinny Perretta blogs about Bronco victory []
His 150-word blog posts are the anti-Dustin Lapray.

Ian Johnson gets helmet sticker from Graham Watson []
Proving that Graham Watson did not, in fact, watch the game.

San Jose State's loss could hurt bowl chances [College Sports Hotline]
We're more concerned about "Boise State to the Humanitarian Bowl."

Will Hoenike's analysis on the three Idaho teams [ISZ]
Vandals hand Bengals moniker of worst college team in the state.