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Morning paper: Boise State football 10/24

Much to our surprise, Ian Johnson was on the front page of Yahoo Sports last night. He's hardly ever on the front of his own local paper anymore. Naturally, we clicked to see what was up, and we were treated to a fairly outstanding feature on Johnson - everything from his reduced role in the offense to his marriage to his NFL prospects. We had almost forgotten how much we like him. This helped us remember.

We'll have our game prediction and more throughout the day, and don't forget to stick around for the open comment thread tonight (7:00pm, OBNUG). It will be amazing.

Broncos reached their pinnacle in 2006, according to Murphy [Statesman]
Two years after Murphy reached his.

San Jose State earns rare local news time on local San Jose news stations [Dave's Blog]
We're assuming the San Jose Sharks had a bye or something.

The WAC is on the line tonight apparently [Yahoo!]
Guess this means the rest of the conference games don't count after this.

Graham Watson predicts three-point Bronco win []
Let her have it in the comments, provided you don't mind being censored.

Six keys for a San Jose State victory [College Sports Hotline]
There would have been more keys, but the story was supposed to only be 300 words.

Vandal homecoming this weekend [ISZ]
And us without our sleeveless tuxedo.

Ihenacho brothers are still pretty good [Press-Tribune]
Not much has changed since Monday when we first started talking about them.

Phil Dailey hints at Bronco upset [Press-Tribune]
Just kidding; he was only using scare tactics to get people to read his column.

Games at San Jose State don't seem to go well [Statesman]
At least there aren't many fans there to see it.

Coach Pete saying all the right things [Statesman]
Most noticeably, "Coach Tomey is a great coach."

SJSU thinking upset tonight [San Jose Mercury News]
Mostly just thinking about it, not sure if they'll actually follow through.

Comparing the 2008 SJSU team to the 2006 New Mexico Bowl team [San Jose Mercury News]
And that's the moment when we stop taking the 2008 SJSU team seriously.

TCU media thinks TCU deserves BCS [Fort Worth Star-Telegram]
Of course they do.