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Morning links: Boise State football 10/16

We have quite the conversation going on over at the Hawaii hate poem - over 77 comments already. Thanks to all those Hawaii fans who have left their highly educated rebuttals to our OBNUG poetry, and thanks to the OBNUG readers making sure no one gets out of line. We could have had quite the flame war on our hands.

Don't forget to tune into BYU - TCU tonight. Go Horned Frogs (we've always wanted to say that)!

Might be the only time you ever see this headline ever again [Las Cruces News]
San Jose State and NMSU in battle of unbeatens? Our country is going to pot a lot faster than we thought.

Parents and family weekend at Boise State [Arbiter Online]
Bittersweet for Mr. and Mrs. Hamdan.

We think "streaky" sounds worse than "inconsistent" [Statesman]
But really we don't prefer either when talking about the Boise State offense.

Austin Pettis stands to gain from Titus Young's suspension [Press-Tribune]
Julian Hawkins stands to remain Julian Hawkins.

LaDustin's take on Ellis Powers and Jeron Johnson [BSU Blog]
Kind of similar to our take on them yesterday. That's funny.

Hawaii backup quarterbacks don't travel with team [Warriors Will Throw]
McMackin rolling the dice that Jeron Johnson doesn't take Inoke Funaki's head off.

Dave Southorn suggests undefeated Broncos may get shut out of a BCS bowl [Dave's Blog]
Who does he think he is? Phil Steele?

Kellen Moore earns Graham Watson's top newcomer award []
Also, the countdown to her midseason WAC report begins. We CANNOT hit Refresh fast enough.

Surprisingly rational take on Kellen Moore [O&B Circus]
Too bad rationality and Kellen Moore are so incongruous.

Jeron Johnson earns CFN honorable mention All-American honors [CFN]
Glad to know someone besides us watches Bronco football games.