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More contrived voting: Coach Pete's turn

It seems that every single award in college football these days has made an effort to include fan voting, which is great except for the fact that fans are horribly biased, prone to errors in judgment, and patently wrong most of the time. Bronco fans, on the other hand, are none of those things.

Yet another fan voting award was brought to our attention last week (thank you, OBNUG readers), and at least Chase Holbrook is not in the top three of this oen. The Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year award is taking fan votes up until December 6, at which point it will slowly begin making fan votes count less and less until a winner is decided mostly by panelists and experts at the end of the year. Let's hear it for imaginary democracy!

Coach Pete, the undisputed best coach in America, is currently 25th. Or, that is to say, he was 25th before we cast our vote for him today, including a ringing endorsement for why he deserves to win that included facts, statistics, and a good deal of sucking up to Liberty Mutual. We feel our brown-nosing should be good for at least a higher spot or two.

We even found this neat little gadget that will take you directly to the Coach of the Year website so that you, too, can cast your vote and rationalize your choice for Coach Pete.

Chris Petersen

Coach Pete doesn't lose contests; he wins them...or he quits them because they're unfair.

Vote: Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year [LIberty Mutual]