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Midseason awards: the first annual OBies!

Live from OBNUG headquarters, it's the first annual OBies!

(cue DC Talk intro)

Alright, so these don't necessarily have the pomp and circumstance we may have wanted. And they will be nothing in comparison to the end-of-year award extravaganza we have planned for December. Seriously. We wish it were December right now.

But the OBies (rhymes with hobbies or lobbies or Robb Akey's mustache nobbies) are still an appropriate celebration of the Boise State football season to this point. And who doesn't love an award show? We mean besides Tom Brandstater.

Several of these award categories will return in December, so those Boise State players who didn't win the midseason awards still have time to make up ground. All award decisions were made by the OBNUG staff over last night's Temple-Ohio game and three liters of 7up, and they are not subject to reversal. Unless you think we blew it. Which we may have.

May we present ... the OBies!

OBie for offensive player of the midseason

Nominees: Kellen Moore, Jeremy Childs, Vinny Perretta, Boise State defense
We added Childs and Perretta to the nominee list out of obligation. We added the Boise State defense because, as they say, "the best offense is a good defense." But really, this award could only go to one man ... or manchild in this case. A left-handed manchild at that. A left-handed manchild with the passing touch of an angel.
And the winner is ... Kellen Moore!

OBie for defensive player of the midseason

Nominees: Jeron Johnson, Mike T. Williams, Ellis Powers, Kyle Wilson, Brandyn Thompson
Talk about a tough one. The OBNUG staff lost a lot of sleep over this decision (an afternoon nap, as it were). Each of the above nominees could have taken home this award, and there are probably several players we didn't name who could have a case, too. In the end, it came down to Johnson and Powers. Johnson is the emotional core of the defense and a big reason for the attitude of physicality and toughness. Powers is a playmaker, and his inclusion in the lineup has allowed the Bronco defense to change and adapt to different offensive formations. Can someone decide for us?!
And the winner is ... Ellis Powers!

OBie for special teams player of the midseason

Nominees: Kyle Brotzman, Doug Martin, Jason Robinson
Martin and Robinson aren't very good kickers, and Brotzman is not a very good tackler. Actually, we don't know that for sure. He has a tattoo, so he might actually tackle okay.
And the winner is ... Kyle Brotzman!

OBie for newcomer of the midseason

Nominees: Kellen Moore, George Iloka, Billy Winn, Dustin Lapray
As we much as we love the literary stylings of LaDustin, this award needs to go to a BSU player. Iloka and Winn have been great. Too bad they don't throw touchdown passes.
And the winner is ... Kellen Moore!

OBie for game of the midseason

Nominees: Oregon, Hawaii, second fall scrimmage
We are fresh off the rejuvenation of a vengeful win over Hawaii, and we still fondly remember the second fall scrimmage when we first became Kellen Moore quasi-stalkers. But neither can hold a candle to the Broncos' first road win over a BCS team.
And the winner is ... Oregon!

OBie for story of the midseason

Nominees: Kellen Moore, Bronco defense, Idaho uniforms, BCS talk
The year started off with Kellen Moore compliments, devolving into controversy over the midriffs of Idaho cheerleaders, and dovetailing nicely into premature BCS ponderings. But there is only one story that has completely re-written the 2008 Boise State season. No, it is not Buster Bronco's new head.
And the winner is ... Bronco defense!

OBie for former Bronco of the midseason

Nominees: Ryan Clady, Quintin Mikell, Orlando Scandrick
The two Bronco rookies have been stellar and have, for the most part, exceeded expectations. But we're partial to veterans. And Mikell has been really good.
And the winner is ... Quintin Mikell!

OBie for ESPN non-BCS blogger of the midseason

Nominees: Graham Watson
She has given us so much over these past four months. We can't help but give a little back.
And the winner is ... Graham Watson!

OBie for most reduced role in the offense

Nominees: Ian Johnson, Nate Potter, Chris O'Neill
Obvious. And a little bittersweet.
And the winner is ... Ian Johnson!

OBie for best decision of the midseason

Nominees: Boise State's quarterback decision, burning George Iloka's redshirt, getting rid of the "Q"
Thank heavens we have seen very little of the "Q" this season. No one will ever know just how important scrapping that formation truly was. Iloka's role on defense has been huge, too, and we cannot imagine the Bronco "D" without him. Speaking of imagining things, can you picture the Bronco offense with Bush Hamdan at the helm? Us either.
And the winner is ... Boise State's quarterback decision!

OBie for best moment of the midseason

Nominees: Nick's Bronco sign on College Gameday, Vinny Perretta's TD against Oregon, Southern Miss fourth down stops
The College Gameday experience was unlike any other, and the Southern Miss defensive stands preserved the Broncos' undefeated season. But we have only once this season been so overjoyed that we were unable to do our traditional "Bronco good play" fistpump. Thank you, Kellen Moore-to-Vinny P.
And the winner is ... Vinny Perretta's TD against Oregon