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Marty Tadman left off latest bobblehead release

For the third straight year, the Broncos have released a set of four collector bobbleheads of former Bronco greats. Marty Tadman was not one of them.

This greatly displeases OBNUG. We are perhaps the biggest Marty Tadman fans we know, which speaks both to our nicknaming household items after him and our having a small friend circle. So when we saw that Tadman was passed over for the latest edition of Bronco bobbleheads, we were crushed. Then we watched the 2007 highlight DVD a couple of times and felt a little better.

The players that were chosen are all great candidates: Legedu Naanee, Chris Carr, Quintin Mikell, and Ryan Clady. And make no mistake: if our living room mantle had room for four more Bronco bobbleheads, we would be at a Treasure Valley Jacksons location this very instant purchasing them all.

Still, though, it doesn't make up for the fact that Tadman was stiffed. He would have looked so good, picking off invisible passes from Ryan Dinwiddie bobblehead to Jeb Putzier bobblehead.

The previous Bronco Bobblehead sets including Bronco Forsey, Ryan Dinwiddie, Daryn Colledge and Jeb Putzier in 2006, followed by the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl series in 2007 with head coach Chris Petersen, Jared Zabransky, Korey Hall and Gerald Alexander.

Tadman tops our list of players we want to see immortalized in plastic springiness. Yes, we have an actual list.

  1. Marty Tadman

  2. Tony Hilde

  3. Bart Hendricks

  4. Tim Gilligan

  5. Andy Avalos

  6. Cedric Minter

  7. Pokey Allen

  8. That one-armed defensive back guy

  9. Kimo von Oelhoffen

  10. the Idaho Powerball mascot

Next year, we plan on holding a similar vigil for "that one-armed defensive back guy" bobblehead.

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