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Losing to Idaho is hard on everyone

New Mexico State became the first Division I-A team to lose to the Vandals in over two years when they fell in Moscow, 20-14 on Saturday. NMSU fans, understandably, are beside themselves.

Our friends over at New Mexico State blog Bleed Crimson are nothing if not huge Aggie fans, so the loss to Idaho was taken with appropriate graveness. And just like every cloud has a silver lining, every Hal Mumme loss has a call to fans to not turn on the least until November.

Bleed Crimson called out fans on Monday in a post that was rich with Aggie pride. Naturally, we found it suitable to poke fun at. Won't you poke fun, too?

It's okay to be disappointed about losing, if you weren't disappointed then you obviously don't care. But, one thing that will absolutely kill any team goal is negativity.

And Chase Holbrook interceptions.
Too many times we've heard someone say, "The Aggies will find a way to lose, they always do."

Guilty as charged.
That's the kind of negativity that permeates throughout the community and fanbase and it's time for it to come to an end. Are we disappointed that the Aggies lost on Saturday? Absolutely! The Idaho game was one that we figured would be one of the seven or more wins the Aggies chalked up this season.

Um, excuse us. We thought you said "seven" wins. We must be hearing thi-- oh. You were serious.
Unfortunately it didn't turn out that way. But does that mean we're going to throw in the towel on the season?

Pun intended. [/halmumme'd!]
Absolutely not. And if you don't think that the players and coaches hear fans say, "Oh the Aggies will find a way to lose, they always do" then you're wrong. If someone always tells you that you will find a way to fail then guess what, chances are you're going to end up failing.

Quote taken from Brent Guy's diary.
We apologize for going all Tony Robbins on you...

Is that the guy from Heavyweights?
...but it's time for Aggie fans to stop being negative and start being supportive. That doesn't mean you can't get down after a loss. It's time for a mindset change among the Aggie faithful. To borrow a metaphor from David Holbrook, will you be The Chicken or The Egg?

Closing with a non-sequitur metaphor. Dustin Lapray would be proud.

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