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Kellen Moore has arrived, gets own Statesman page

You are not a budding Boise State offensive star-in-the-making until the Idaho Statesman says you are. And after six weeks of patient scrutiny, Boise's paper of record has finally bestowed freshman sensation Kellen Moore with its highest honor ... a personal website.

Chadd Cripe emceed the award ceremony at his Bronco Beat blog:

We’ve launched a page on our Web site to track Moore throughout his career. We’re still adding a few things, but we have his game-by-game stats on there, all of the stories we’ve written about him and soon we will have a highlight video. You can get to the page through the button at

Moore could not be reached for an acceptance speech or for a signature on the Statesman's personal privacy policy permission slip.

The site is nice, if you really enjoy RSS feeds. In addition to articles that reference Moore directly or indirectly, there are handy links along the side of the page that take you to view Kellen Moore photographs, Kellen Moore statistics (with passing percentages broken down to the nearest seven decimal places), and Kellen Moore press conference video. It can't be long before some newbie copy desk plebe is doing a fake Kellen Moore Twitter page.

At the very least, the Statesman's Moore page will be better than the six-year-old's photo album that is squatting on as we speak. Warning: lots of large picture files to follow.

We may have preferred the Statesman to pull out all the stops with personal contact information, forum and message board software, and Flash games involving X's and O's with Kellen's dad. But they have three more years to add those features. In the meantime, they should probably get to work on a Kyle Brotzman page.

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