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Graham Watson oblivious to BSU history

Graham Watson has struck again, and as usual, it involves a futile attempt to appear savvy about Boise State football.

While most people are watching the major league baseball playoffs, I'll be watching to see whether Boise State can notch its 100th win on the blue field tonight against Louisiana Tech.

We're no Boise State historians, but we are fairly certain that the Broncos have more than 100 home wins on "the blue field." In fact, we just looked it up on and the exact number is 204. She was only a hundred or so off.

That's the last time she reads a Scott Slant while running on the elliptical in her living room.

And so began what is known as the Golden Era. Tonight against Louisiana Tech on the blue turf, the Broncos seek their 100th win of this remarkable run.

One hundred wins in nine years. One hundred wins in school history. Same thing, right?

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