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Get thee to a cable box: BSU game broadcast locally

Anxious to watch the Boise State - Southern Miss game on Saturday? Worried that you don't have CBS College Sports because no one has CBS College Sports? Seriously considering sneaking onto the team bus as a fake Chris O'Neill so that you can see the game in person?

Well hang on a second. Help is on the way.

Throughout the offseason, TV coverage of the interconference showdown seemed bleak. The game was banished to CBS College Sports, formerly CSTV, formerly one of those DirecTV channels that played music, and it appeared that many Bronco fans were going to be left in the cold.

Now, thanks to CableOne, several fewer fans will be left in the cold.

The local cable provider, which apparently does not offer CBS College Sports for obvious profit-related issues, has agreed to air the game on channel 17, its local access channel. Move over, "Garden City Antiques Roadshow." We've got football to watch!

Here are the complete details:

Boise State University's football game at the University of Southern Mississippi this Saturday (Oct. 11) will be televised locally by Cable One on its access channel 17. Kickoff for the game is 6:04 p.m. (MT). The game will also be broadcast on the radio by 580 KIDO (AM). There will be no Spanish broadcast of the game.

While the CableOne news is great for local Boise State fans who actually have cable, it doesn't completely solve the viewing problem for thousands of others. With the addition of the cable broadcast, the choices for watching the Broncos on Saturday look like this:

  • Go to Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and watch the thing in person.

  • Live in the Boise area and have CableOne.

  • Pay out the rear end for a special sports package on satellite and watch on CBS College Sports (motto: "Like Versus, except in far fewer homes").

To be perfectly honest, we fall into absolutely none of those categories. We can't afford the trip to Mississippi, we gave up on CableOne during the DVR crisis of 2007, and the only thing we pay out the rear end for is Marty Tadman jerseys (and colonoscopies).

We are stuck choosing between the following:

  • Listen on the radio and hope that your native language isn't Spanish.

  • Invite yourself over to a friend's house.

The latter is definitely a possibility, but the former might be what actually happens. And we know we're not alone in this decision. Many of our OBNUG readers live out of state and have enough trouble as it is watching Boise State football games. Hopefully one of these options will work (and if we've forgotten one, please let us know) because we would hate to see them resort to the most desperate way of following the BSU - Southern Miss game:

Read about it the next day in the Idaho Statesman.

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